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As a Team and as a unit, we love to put ourselves to the test every day to experience being a strong part, not just of the company, but of the Family that is our home as software developers. We love to deep dive into our fascinating and ever developing IT world – because we can. We keep making our unique online shop even better and we provide exceptional shopping experiences and optimal customer performance: For this, we are in demand.

As strategic thinkers and sometimes even pioneers, we evaluate how requirements from our specialist departments will be implemented ... and we make it work, whatever the challenge. At Reuter, people grow and give each other valuable impulses: We appreciate the four-eyes principle and the fact that knowledge complements each other perfectly. With us, you will quickly experience that software development is a team thing - and that pair programming is part of our daily routine.

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Our Tech Stack

  • TypeScript TypeScript
  • react react
  • Material-Ui Material-Ui
  • FeathersJs FeathersJs
  • Styled Components Styled Components
  • NextJs NextJs
  • Express Express
  • Jest Jest
  • Storybook Storybook
  • Elastic Search Elastic Search
  • GitLab GitLab
  • Solr Solr
  • php7 php7
  • Symfony Symfony
  • Mocha Mocha
  • Foundation Foundation
  • Sass Sass
  • npm npm
  • Babel Babel
  • NodeJs NodeJs
  • Jenkins Jenkins
  • Webpack Webpack
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Your best work starts here.

Solid, balanced and sustainable benefits are what it takes to become the best. Yes, we are playful and we used to love the football table back in the office days. But we know that it takes more to make you truly happy as a professional.

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Startup Feeling & Big Company Environment

Experience to be responsible for what you do. Accept the challenge every day, face developing and changing technologies, get in touch, live and create structure, no bureaucracy, grow. Be the first and go ahead, if you like it. We preserved that mindset, while you benefit from a corporate environment of 850+ colleagues, 350 million EUR annual turnover and 17 years of experience with E-Commerce.

Education and Training

Onboarding with friendly people. Regular consulting, education and training on our broad current and future tech stack with well-known experts, creators and founders from established tech companies and global players, as well as internal sharing of knowledge about current standards and projects in the industry.

Free Choice of Tools

Choose your favourite IDE or all of them. Mac? Great. Prefer Windows? Of course! We know the valuable tools and you can use them, the ones you like best. You wont be restricted.

Work Life Balance

No overtime required. Do the work you love, well rested and relaxed. Your weekends are safe. We value your health and your private life the same way as we value your skills and your work performance. We're all human and we know it.

News from the reuter Network

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Logistics Center Mönchengladbach

Our new logistics center of 40,000 m2, operated since 2021, is the largest online shipping warehouse for bathroom products: Benefit from a huge selection of several 100,000 branded items, always in stock and immediately available.

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Many new colleagues

In the Reuter network, over 850 employees work hard and energetic to ensure the best satisfaction of our customers. The development team is proud to be part of this successful growth, with 30+ colleagues. Welcome to all of you who are joining us on this voyage!

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React.js Workshop

We are building the next version of our E-Commerce platform and we are serious about it. The current workshop series about React JS, Redux and Next.js helps us to shift our shop implementation to the next level and to pinpoint the challenges and solutions for future store implementations in our next-gen headless e-commerce environment.

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